Fast Bar is THE intermittent fasting bar. Fast Bar® curbs your hunger without breaking your fast, so you can fast for longer.* *Benefits seen in a randomized, controlled study in 105 adults after a 15-hour overnight fast comparing the glucose and ketone results every hour for 4 hours in the Fast Bar.

The diet should be used for five consecutive days, after which the individual will transition on the 6th day and then resume their normal diet. The program provides a meal card that recommends how to consume the items for each day, but each day’s items can be consumed in any order you wish, as long as you only eat each day’s items during that day (do not carry them over to the next). Photo by: @ruckustheeskie

✅ We recommend starting with light meals on Day 6. ✅ @thefastbaris a perfect supplement and snack to help sustain energy throughout the day and support your intermittent fasting between your ProLon rounds. ✅ We suggest you check out recipes by our sister company @nutritionforlongevityfor food that will help you get 10 servings of fresh fruit and vegetables daily.

On Day 2 of ProLon, you are introduced to the L-Drink! We recommend adding one of our ProLon tea bags to flavor your drink. The L-Drink contains glycerol and it is intended to help preserve lean body mass and support hydration.

  1. Supports Cellular Renewal 2. Supports Metabolic Health* 3. Improves Mental Clarity and Focus 4. Focused on Fat loss while protecting lean body mass*

*Benefits seen when used in multiple consecutive monthly cycles.



🌱 Many of the benefits of fasting in a 5-day meal program.